Introduce yourself!


Hello all!

My name is Néstor Lorenzo.

I’m from Spain (Canary Islands) and im a profesional musician. I play (and teach) flute as my main instrument, but nowaday lot of bands call me to play my “Akai EWI 5000” in some gig. After think a lot in wich ways i could make my EWI more multifaceted, (i just was about to buy and ipad and then buy a lot of synths and expend lot of money…) i discovered this awesome project.

I’m linux user since 20 years (not profesional user, but just a user) and i love open source music production software. Actually I’m using KXStudio since 6 years as my main S.O.

This projects makes true something i wish for a lot of years: make open source music prodcution software more for “humans”.

Thank you a lot for Zynthian!


Hello Communnity !
Im Sebastian Seifert. Im a multimedia creator and media designer. I am also a full time electronic music producer with my project MICROFEEL, wich keeps me travelling and touring the planet with my audiovisual live-set in festivals like MUTEK, SONAR, SZIGET, and many cultural venues, art galleries, clubs, etc.
Im using lots of sound from Zynthian for my productions and also helping the team with UX and Communication.

Last June 2018 I have the honour to participate with Zynthian at the conference DINACON. It was a hacker camp in a wild island in Thailand and I was making music with Zynthian and the sequencer Circuit from Novation. Below a video and a link to an article about the conference at the HuffingtonPost.



We keep in touch!


Welcome to the Zynthian community, Sebas! :wink:


Hi everyone. I’m Joseph, a web developer and film maker in London. I saw the first video demo of the Zynthian and have followed the project since. After the Pianoteq integrations was announced I decided to try building one so that I could make music without - for once - a laptop being open.

Hope to contribute back to this amazing project sometime!


Hello, everyone. I’m someone who used to be a very active musician who took a bit of a hiatus for a variety of reasons, and I’m coming back after a 15 year break outside of a few commissioned chiptunes, and the occasional times where I’d pick up an instrument to see if I could still play. My background is primarily with stringed instruments and keys, but I’ve always enjoyed synth - I’m amazed to see the wealth of options these days. A lot has happened in my time away. :slight_smile:

I’m also someone who has tinkered with some microcontrollers and pi-driven projects. I’d like to mention that the Zythian is the ONLY project that I have a) actually completed, b) put together properly the first time, and c_ has continued to work for more than a couple of days.

I’m looking forward to see what I can do with this - Right now, it’s mostly a pianoteq box, but I also use it to translate my USB midi controller to a proper midi out when I don’t feel like using a full computer for that role - It typically lives between a MPK mini and a Roland D-05 these days.


Excellent! Do we get a sample of you playing using the magnifect audio record feature?