Introduce yourself!


Hello all!

My name is Néstor Lorenzo.

I’m from Spain (Canary Islands) and im a profesional musician. I play (and teach) flute as my main instrument, but nowaday lot of bands call me to play my “Akai EWI 5000” in some gig. After think a lot in wich ways i could make my EWI more multifaceted, (i just was about to buy and ipad and then buy a lot of synths and expend lot of money…) i discovered this awesome project.

I’m linux user since 20 years (not profesional user, but just a user) and i love open source music production software. Actually I’m using KXStudio since 6 years as my main S.O.

This projects makes true something i wish for a lot of years: make open source music prodcution software more for “humans”.

Thank you a lot for Zynthian!