Is a vector synth available?

Is a vector synth available?

haven’t found nothing yet.

AFAIK, no free software VS available …

A MIDI controlled mixer as described elsewhere & XY control perhaps could be implemented ? :smiley:

well which engine could handle 4 wavetables for blending at once?
the controller for it is the easiest part I think.

The Sorcer synth seems to be the best morph-capable wavetable synth that’s open-source. However, it’s a 2-osc, not 4-osc architecture. It may be a point for you to start exploring, though? Especially if you can load the VS wavetables into it.

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has someone tried to integrate in in zynthian yet?

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Sorcer is included in the latest night builds. I’ve tested with it and it works really fine, although the package only include 5 factory presets.

I’m working on fixing the current problems with the nightly builds and hope to have it solved in a few days, OK?



ah.ok.didnt know that it was sorcer.
is or will there be a way to import own tables?

anyway… jofemodo=hero of the day…oehm year.


hmmmmm you don’t mean the calw wavetable engine?

tryed the sorcer engine today.
no output if I select one of the presets.

What SD image are you using? I’m afraid that it only work on recent nightly builds, and currently all of them are broken … I will try to solve it ASAP …

the image from 21.03.2020
I downloaded 11.08.2020 but I couldn’t get it running on the pi3.
that was the latest tracked green image.

wrecked my 21.03.2020 install with apt-get update and upgrade
so I thought its time too get a newer imager and kernel perhaps.