Is there a 3d printable case for the v3 kit?

Hello everyone,

Since I already have Pi3+ and want to make my own case, I ordered all individual v3 kit parts except for the pi and the case.

While I am waiting for the package to arrive I wonder if there is any ready-to-print 3d model that fits the official v3 kit right out of the box? (e.g. including the activity leds, three midi ports and the correct positioning of the Hifiberry sound card etc).

I have seen a few in the github repository and on thingiverse, but it looks to me that none of them is actually compatible with the v3 kit right out of the box.




Hi @darkwave!

Nice design! Please, could you give some details about it? I see you are using a different (but very common) MIDI connector. Also, there is a single Jack connector …

Do you intend to contribute your design to the zynthian repository?


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I took it from here:

I’ve planned to update it with the two remaining female jacks

Ups! I forgot this design!! It would fit the v3 with only a few adjustments …

And the source files are available too … so you don’t need to start from scratch …


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What do you think about this update?

Any comments will be much appreciated


Davythian__case_botton.stl (1.5 MB) Davythian_case_top.stl (2.0 MB)

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Hi @darkwave!

It seems OK. Congratulations! It include the 3 Jacks and the 3 MIDI ports.

  • I would consider opening a window in the bottom for extracting the SD card without opening the case. Perhaps you have to move the jack holes, like in the official aluminum case.

  • Also, you could consider to add the “mini-jack” hole for the new HifiBerry DAC+ADC … :wink: