Is there a way to move chain 1 to another chain without losing the snapshot?

I want to add the Aeolus engine and I need to free chain number one. But I have lots of subsnapshots using this chain.

I would simply like to move it to another free chain and get all the subsnapshots use the new chain.

I think this is probably doable manually editing the zzs snapshot file, but I would need some pointers :slight_smile:

Thakls for you help

Hi Pau!

I suppose you are using stable, right?

You should think of moving to Oram. The release is close and you should try to import your snapshots and check there is no issues. Of course, our goal if full compatibility, so you can expect we work to fix any issue you have.
BTW, you would profit the improvements, like aeolus in any chain and much more.

If you prefer to edit the susnapshots, I would recommend you use a json editor. They are not difficult to understand.


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As you know we are using them on stage and I must be 100% sure!!

I will test Oram on this sunday’s rehearsal and I’ll give you some feedback. I’m sure it will work fine.

I have installed the latest testing image, fully updated, I load my snapshot and I cannot even see aeolus. I guess this is because chain 1 is not free.

Edit: I have discovered the new interface to navigate through instruments and I have added it. Nice work!

Hi @pau! As you are well aware, there are risks with using a different / new version so please be careful! We are very close with Oram and it offers many improvements but is not yet fully finished.

The concept of chains (layers) being bound to MIDI channels is gone in Oram. You can assign any chain to any MIDI channel. This means that chains don’t really have indicies. (They do internally but this isn’t really presented to the user.) You can change the order of chains as presented in the mixer.

So, no - you can’t change chain number in old stable but the question doesn’t make sense in Oram :smile:

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I’ll be surfing the waves of testing again, it fulfills all my dreams now :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Nice work.