Is there a way to reset sooperlooper

I’m running against this problem. I can let sooperlooper do anything I want. But when I mess up, I cannot get back to an initial state.|

Is there a way, apart from turning my zynthian off and on again?

Hi @robert!

I think you are asking for a method to clear and remove all loops, returning sooperlooper to its initial state with only one loop enabled and no audio recorded. Is this correct?

If so then, as mentioned by @Baggypants in another thread where you asked this question:

You can configure recall a ZS3 which has the state you want, i.e. reset Sooperlooper.

Another way is to simply recall a preset. By default, Sooperlooper has 2 presets:

  • default
  • sync2clock

Recalling on of these presets (or another you may have saved yourself) will reset Sooperlooper to the state saved in the preset.

Ow, I’m sorry. I missed that one. Sorry for making a new topic out of this.