Issue tracking

Totally new to this project, I find it a little confusing where to report issues. There is a github repo called zynthian-issue-tracking. The WIKI suggests to put issues for all projects there instead of in the projects themselves. However, there are quite a few open issues in the individual repos too, and they seem quite active. I understand this is an ever-changing platform so what was said on the WIKI two hours ago might be legacy now.

Personally I think it’s generally better to keep the issues together with the code. That way you can refer to the issues in the commits and things don’t get that messy. Anyway, I’d be happy to get some clarification before I start messing around.

Thanks for an awesome project! Can’t wait to get my hands on the one I’ve ordered. :slight_smile:


Issues can be opened in the code repo, if you know the right repo to use. If not, you can open the issue on the general zynthian-issue-tracking and i will reassign it to the right code repo.


Ok cool, that makes perfect sense.

Oooo, my Zynthian is supposed to arrive tomorrow according to UPS tracking data! :open_mouth:


Happy guy :smile:

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