I've got an earworm... what's this song?

I was playing with the Analog Synth Bass and just starting playing around. Now I have an earworm, what’s this song ? Is there something like it or is the bass line unique enough to be new ?

I can’t place it to anything specific, but I’m not particularly well-versed in basslines, so take that as you will.

Turn it into a world wide hit and see who sues you…!

LMAO… :rofl:

I ended up doing this with riffs that I couldn’t pinpoint. (Included in a song but not a hit!) I waited for someone to tell me of my plagiarism but sometimes it never comes and then it is your own. Nothing is new. After all, there are only 12 notes in traditional western music and thousands of years of composition.

It’s a blues progression, which maybe why it sounds familiar. Can’t say I’ve heard that specific line before though.

I’m going to write a short blues tune around it. It’s funny, as I was playing the progression I was thinking… hey this could be the bass line for a chorus to a tune. I’ve go to record the verse bass line while I still hear it in my head LOL.

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