JACK midi input (using joy2midi) not working

I’m trying to use joy2midi (see at end of message).

When I run it, I can see it generating MIDI messages, but I don’t see them appearing with aseqdump. When I use midisnoop to monitor the JACK midi, I can see the messages, but they never make it to ALSA to get played. What don’t I understand about the JACK and ALSA configuration? And, how can I make MIDI messages sent to JACK play? Thanks!

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This post should really be on Encoders via GPIO and/or via USB . . .

Are we looking at an interface abstraction?
4 controllers that respond to up & down & press?

Drive it from MIDI, USB , playstation, anything really . . .

I’d like to be able to use 4 knobs and the push buttons on a Nord Modular 2 control a zynthian over MIDI controllers. . .

I think I’m just trying to understand how the JACK and ALSA MIDI systems interact. More simply, how can I send MIDI messages to JACK and have them get handled.

Mhhh maybe this article descibes how to conenct JACK and Alsa MIDI.


OK, I’ve sussed it. This is probably obvious to MIDI fans out there, but you need to make connections between the MIDI ins and outs. Yeah, that’s how basic my question was. I know that Zynthian has its own MIDI auto connector, e.g. for USB, but it doesn’t auto connect the joy2midi devices. I’ll look into understanding why or maybe @jofemodo has an idea.

Anyway, in the end, I used qjackctl to connect my joy2midi out to whatever the synth engine I wanted to use in. See the image below. Now I can play “air drums” using the accelerometers in my wiimotes! Fun! The kids absolutely love this.

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A small video demo will be really nice :wink: