Jack not starting when USB midi-keyboard is plugged in [SOLVED]

I got the following configuration:
7" Pi display
Pifi Dac+ V2
Pi 3b+

Everything loads fine and looks good, no errors, Jack starts as normal.
However, if I plug in a LPK25 Akai USB midi-keyboard, Jack refuses to start.
Looks like the LPK takes over position 0 as a sound card in Alsa, and the Pifi are moved to 1. Jack still tries to talk to 0 with no success.

Are there any solutions to this?


Forget it, reinstalled everything, seems to work now.

Please don’t remove posts unless they’re offensive. Out of interest, are you using a USB soundcard? If you were it would probably be an order issue.

Sorry about that, original post is unremoved.



Hi Riki!

Could you check if the issue is present with the last image Aruk RC-2?


Sure, will report back.

I have tested RC2, and i am not able to reproduce the problem. Looks like the issue has been solved.