Jarre's cover with Zynthian

Hello all,

here is a video I made during the weekend, involving the Zynthian in a Jean-Michel Jarre cover.

I wanted to use no DAW for it (no audio prerecording and/or post mixing), only pure MIDI sequencing from my good old QY700. Even the final fade out is done manually on the mixing desk :wink:

The Zynthian generates all patterns and sound effects (you can see the screenshot with the configuration at the beginning)


Hey… If you use no pre-recorded stuff, then it’s not true J.M.Jarre…
Eh eh !!

Good performance !!

Poor JMJ - he only had two hands :wink: .

well done. That was some kind of back travel in the past, when I was a kid !!!

I remember a very pleasant evening spent listening to Equinoxe in a very relaxed frame of mind at Sheffield University in 1980 . . .

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Uaooo! Good performance, @BEB! After seen that, JMJ seems a monkey with wood-gloves …:grin:

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What ??? Do you mean that everything was not played live during some concerts ??? You made my word collapse all around me… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just for laughing, some did even try wireless MIDI long before others : :wink:

Best performance was not mine…

Cheers for the Zynthian playing the pattern without any fault (not like me, I did two faults during the recording) :wink:

Who ?? Me ??
Oh !! I wouldn’t dare…

Not my kind…