JD 800 Chrystal Rhodes


Does anybody have a preset or SF2 that is coming close to the legendary Chrystal Rhodes sound?

Maybe something from dexed with certain chorus effects?

And is willing to share :slight_smile:


I can’t vouch for the quality, I found this:
Crystal Rhodes
by 快乐爱的小精灵 (Elf of Happy and Love)

Uploaded on May 26, 2020 (and last updated on Aug 03, 2020)
Made via Surge.
Imitation of Roland JD-800’s Crystal Rhodes.
V1.1: Added soft velocity.

Public [Work in the Public Domain]
File content

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this too
ep Crystal_Rhodes @+.sf2 (1.4 MB)
found in archive.org

Hi @mheidt !

I couldn’t find a good replacement for the Crystal Rhodes. ZynAddSubFX have some interesting candidates in the “Rhodes” bank, but probably not what you are looking for. Anyway, give it a try:

  • DX Rhodes 2
  • Dig Rhodes
  • Synth Rhodes2 => Probably the best
  • etc.

I’ve tested the SF2 soundfonts that @tunagenes and @piattica shared above, but they are far from the original and dynamics and playability are not the best.

I think your best option could be searching DX7 presets in the huge collections you can find on-line, and then adding some reverb, chorus, etc.

Good luck and please, keep us informed about your advances!


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This could be a good starting point and it’s in the zynthian library:

  • Dexed → Finetales_1_EPs_and_bells → ep11

But i still like more the:

  • ZynAddSubFX → Rhodes → Synth Rhodes2