Jean-Michel Jarre live (Youtube and/or VR), today (21st June, 9:15 PM CET)

A live concert on YouTube also available in VR…


Nice share. I sold my VR setup but will definitely check this out on YouTube.

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Oooh oooh oooh… YES!!! Maybe we should postpone Zynth club so we can enjoy this. I sat on a telecoms box outside his London Dockland’s gig in the 1980’s as a teenager, too poor to purchase a ticket (whilst my older sister was inside watching the gig despite me being a big fan and her having a voyeuristic interest.


I would love to have seen this live. late 80’s was when a friend loaned me Equinoxe on tape and that was my first introduction to JMJ, other than recognising Oxygene IV when I picked that up second.

You’ve inspired me dig out the DVD I have of the dockands concert and rip it to Plex.

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… and here is a Video from yesterday.


Not a great gig for gear spotters…

LOL - he did describe the equipment he was using but it was in French and someone had turned on their speaker and mic so there was an annoying echo (echo) which made it even more difficult to listen. He gave a very brief description in English but basically said, “Some Roland synths…”.

The avatars made me laugh. Who goes to a gig as a carton of milk??? There were some technical hitches and my sound was lagging the visuals (maybe not helped by me wearing Bluetooth headphones) but that kinda didn’t matter too much. Music was good but I don’t think it quite achieved what it set out to do - though I wasn’t able to get VR working so had to just watch on YouTube.

It was nice to get a brief glimpse of the man himself at the very end. As @wyleu suggests, it could have been more interesting to us old farts if we had a feed of the actual studio too. Still - I enjoyed it.

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Pretty much agree with what you said @riban.

Would definitely be interesting to see a behind the scenes. I suspect he was not actually controlling the music in VR but was just wearing sensors and had a VR stage - though I could be wrong as there are some VR music tools.

Yeah the avatars were funny and it did make me laugh at the end when the audience microphones became audible.

I thought it was a great thing to do, even if it did not maybe work exactly how he envisaged.

In VR, The music sounded Mono also. I had a-lot of lag Probably why I usually don’t go on VRChat. When we did events in Hifi, we did them in stereo. The DJ/Musician would put on the HTC Vive Trackers on Head, wrists, hips and feet. so you could do full body tracking.

The trackers are cool. A friend of mine put one on a drone. Then he had a drone model in VR. It was amazing see the VR one move exactly like the real one was.

Another thing that can be done is put a tracker on a keyboard and have a model that matches it. Then put a Leap Motion above it to track the fingers.