Juicy & Golden . . (A ZynClub Session)

Discussion has been taken, along with strong drink . . .


German shows & makers marts . . .

Organ sounds and their failings…


Monoclocles were warn ! :face_with_monocle:


@wyleu in his native habitat… chatting here during ZynClub.

@freeKey was dissapointed with SetBFree’s distortion, so we complained! :grin:


For the other folks reading, I might get this straight :wink:
What I said was: Distortion in setBfree might deserve some love. It is absolutely huge what setBfree is capable of, and in comparison the distortion sounds surprisingly cheap.

Then things happened quickly on their own :rofl: :man_shrugging:

Twas nice meeting you just again!


Great! I always thought that the distortion was the weakest point of setbfree.
I joined the campaign to motivate @x42 for improving it … did you know that he’s also a member of this forum? :grin:

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Really? This synth community gets bigger every day! :grin:

And you’re absolutely right.

At max it does have good growl and you can smell the dust on the tubes though :slight_smile:


Hi @x42!
Here we are a bunch of setBfree lovers …
How big is the task of improving the overdrive? :wink:
What do you need for going forward with the task?

I’m more than full time working on Ardour in recent years, and that is unlikely to change in the short/mid term.

SetBfree is pretty much in maintenance only mode, and relies on other devs to drive development, since I lack the time to do so.

OK! So i can envision 2 possibilities …

  1. Would you consider the possibility of receiving money from a “crowd funding campaign”? I’m only asking, but if you agree, we could consider the possibility of starting such a campaign.

  2. We need a volunteer for the task … :wink:



It’s time I need, not money. so (2) is the more likely situation.

OK! Sometimes money can buy the time … but not always :blush:
So the option is 2 and we need a volunteer, @zynthianers!

Thanks a lot, @x42!

Writing a good tube emulation that also runs on ARM, is hard.

zam-tube sounds nice and does most things right, but it’s unreasonable for the case at hand. It can even take powerful intel CPUs to the limit.

Perhaps https://github.com/sadko4u/lsp-dsp-lib will one day have something appropriate that can be re-used. Sadko does write custom ARM asm code to optimize performance.


I didn’t see that coming :astonished:

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Nobody expects the Spanish Zynthatision . . . :roll_eyes:


That joke isn’t dead.

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Interestingly, deep learning and artificial neural networks seems to be a good approach for simulating highly non-linear analog circuits:

I would like to remember that we have a powerful GPU doing nothing …

Ok, it’s hard too :grin:


That AI guitar amp is now on GitHub!

Windows only at this point, but it’s a start!

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