Just a Little update with adapted Flowers MK-4903 Keyboard

As probably @jofemodo remembers, I made transformations on an old keyboard to become a sort of zynthian keyboard…
Well, by now I’m testing and finding issues using it with few mods added recently:

  • Routed audio jacks on chassis
  • Separated power switch.
  • Unified power supply with voltage change.
    This keyboard runs 9-12 volts. Having quite a simple electronics, little old baby powered up with 5v too, but pretty much suffering…
    So I added 5v adapter on connection box. By now adapter’s ampere are not as good as it should be… but will fix later.

My probably last mod would be a physical master volume knob, acting directly on stereo output jacks.

The real deal would be integrating a naked zynthian inside a more complete keyboard controller…
But by now it’s quite cute thinking to be removable.
At this time conversion module is simply made with male midi din, micro usb and male 6,3 mono jacks,
all geometrically registered to be almost quickly insertable