Just built my v4 kit - pic of knobs installed the right way

Hello Zynthians

Just received my v4 kit yesterday - and built it today. It was a good positive thing to focus on on election day here in the USA.

First of all I note that in the instructions the writer states that the knobs should be installed the other way around, and that an update pic will be posted ASAP. Well, I took a pic of mine, which is (hopefully) the right way around, so please feel free to use this as the update.

Second, a small suggestion about the instructions. They show a pic of the Hifiberry sound board with red and white square jacks attached. But I think that is not part of the current version. Can you please just mention that in the instructions.

As for my experience, the physical part of the build went extremely well. The instructions were super detailed and just what I needed. There were some dexterity moments, when you have to screw something that’s on the top as well as the bottom of the surface of the case, but it was a fun challenge.

I had a harder time with installing the software, just because I kept getting “failure” messages when trying to get Etcher or the Raspberry Pi imager to create a successful disk image on my micro SD card. I had to try various cards and various computers and laptops, but finally (using Imager) I had success. It was super satisfying when the software booted up and all the controls worked the way they were supposed to!

The instrument sounds amazing, and I can’t believe how much is available in one small box. I look forward to exploring it.

I sometimes get the “Error IP” message when I boot up, and sometimes I don’t. Also, when I tried to plug into an ethernet router and update the software, I got a lot of “fatal, could not reach github” messages, so maybe I’ll have to try another cable or router. If you have any other wisdom about that, please LMK.

If anybody else out there is wanting to take the plunge, but nervous about how hard a project this is, I thought it was really fun. It took me several hours (largely because of all the retrying involved in my software install, which has nothing to do with the hardware or the software), but I was completely absorbed and enjoying myself the whole time. Thanks very much for putting this instrument, this software, and this kit and instructions together so carefully for people to enjoy!



I had the same idea. Got my kit on Friday and pencilled it in for Wednesday (my time) to assemble.
Had do do something constructive with my hand so I wouldn’t throw things at the TV … and I am in Australia!!!

I was quite careful with my assembly of the V4 kit with RPi4 and it probably took me about 3 hours. It just worked as advertised after giving me a heart attack with the red Error IP and then taking about 2 minutes to sort itself out the first time!

One little smart trick I did was when I cut the diode shorter … I still left the long one a bit longer. I also routed the 1/4" In socket wires under the Zynaptik module and the 1/4" Out socket wires under ribbon connectors to tidy up the wires a bit. Not sure if noise will be a problem but I will suck it and see.

I had the same intermitant problem with Error IP and occasionally it seems to not want to resolve the zynthian.local to the IP over wifi but the numerical IP works.

My only issues were assembling the RPi4b stacked with the HifiBerry and Zynconductor. By following the instructions the Zynconductor was not contacting the rear of the case.

I ended up having to bend the back panel a bit as the plastic housing for Hifiberry 3/8" Line in plug didn’t clear the hole completely. I fiddled around a bit and ended up get it sort of assembled … then disassembled it. Fixed the zynconductor to the CPU and back and then angled the RPi4 up a bit to fit the Hifiberry hat and then screwed it all down. I was much happier with the install then.

I checked the CPU temp after it had been running for a while (ambient 20C) at idle 53C and 82C under stress test load. I also got a reassuring feeling of warmth on the back of the case.

Checked out my MIDI in/outs with my Korg Krome. 88key Zynthian worked :> I could drive the Krome via MIDI using the nanoKey Studio plugged into the Zynthian USB. I had hoped to get some guitar effects going quickly to record but that was stretching my Zynthian knowledge at the moment.

I am also running it off a 26Wh PD battery which seem to be quite handy to transport around without having to reboot and no under volting of the CPU thus far.

And before @wyleu can :face_with_monocle: me. My latest composition …
“Stuck MIDI while tying to record my Guitar in C Major” :>


How are you powering your zynthian? What power supply?
You shouldn’t see the “error” screen after the first boot. If you see it, please send the UI log. You can do it from webconf’s “UI log” or accessing the terminal and typing:

journalctl -u zynthian


I just replaced the wrong photo in the wiki:



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@jofemodo, you asked
How are you powering your zynthian? What power supply?
You shouldn’t see the “error” screen after the first boot. If you see it, please send the UI log.

Thank you for asking. I got a better power cable and i’m having no problems now. I use a standard Samsung power supply that I use to charge my phone. No more Error IP screen.

I’ve been able to update the software, access the web config, select lots more LV2 instruments and FX, and see them appear on the Zynthian. I’ve also accessed the MOD-UI interface.

This is an amazing machine.

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Zynthian will run OK with a decent 5V 3A power supply + cable. The best power supply i know is the official one from Raspberry Pi. Any decent 5V 3A power supply with a decent cable should work OK too, but it’s not so easy to get a good power supply & cable, and certainly not at the price of the official one.


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Thanks for the advice. I ordered one. $14 postage included. That’s very reasonable for security and peace of mind.

I just discovered that the software that comes with the machine includes PureData patches!!! Super fun. It’s awesome that Automatonism patches work on the Zynthian.

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I have a different hifiberry than the one in the wiki. Could you tell me how to connect all the ins and outs? Preferably with a photo? Also have only balanced sockets, no unbalanced ones. This is how my HifiBerry looks:

Looks like you have the v4.1 kit. This might help.


I hope you enjoy with it! You will find some @zynthianer that is also a PD-lover by here.
And of course, we will be waiting for your PD patches adapted to zynthian … :grin:


Missed that. Thanks!

Here is my first ogg capture, it’s just a pad with some fluttering noises added by the ArgotLunar2 effect. More to come.


Now that’s atmospheric!