Key-off velocity filtering - can it be done?

So… I have a Roland digital piano I use as my input device to my Zynthian. The Roland seems to send key-off velocities proportional to the key release velocity, rather than the more common “note-on at 0 velocity” to end a note. I quite like a lot of the orchestral patches available in Linuxsampler, but many of them have separate release samples. Linuxsampler seems to use the key-off velocity to determine the volume of the release sample. For example Salamander piano has release samples, so it’s quite possible to play a soft (pp) note and get an unnaturally loud (FF) release “ring” sample if you don’t take care to release the key slowly. An acoustic piano doesn’t behave in this way so it requires a significant adaption of keyboard technique to get a consistent sound. Out of curiosity, is there any acoustic instrument where the release sound can be louder than the attack/sustain?

On the Zynthian is there any way to filter the key-off velocity messages in some way so that they are aligned with the key-on velocity messages? Maybe it requires some tinkering with the way Linuxsampler handles note-off messages, if that’s even possible?

This was mentioned in another thread. You should be able to add a MIDI filter to the layer (bold press SELECT with the required layer highlighted to open a context menu then add plugin). You may need to enable the plugin in webconf. There may be a way to do this with MIDI filters in webconf but I am not at a machine to test.

Thanks for the reply. Looks like I need to have a wee play with filters to see if I can get them doing what I want. I’m still on the steeper sections of the proverbial learning curve for this kind of stuff so progress may be slow :stuck_out_tongue:

The other thread you mention was probably another one I started, in order to understand what was going on with the loud releases (sounds ominous!) I was having. I learned that there is such a thing as key off velocity, and that my keyboard has been merrily producing them for the last 7 years without me realising!

Yep! Try adding MIDI Velocity Adjust plugin and set both Note-Off Min and Note-Off Max to 64 (or whatever value you want to send note off values). Both of my keyboards send note-off with velocity 64.

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This is exactly what I’m trying right now and it certainly cuts out the excessively loud releases. Thanks for your help! Easier than I thought! :slightly_smiling_face:

In an ideal world I’d somehow get the note off to inherit the velocity of its preceding note on message. I suspect that may be for another day though. Am off to make noises :grin: