Keyboard recommendation

Hi and hello, gruetzi, moin!

I am using a Fatar 900 for playing piano mode.
However I’d like to buy a non- or halfweighed board for playing synths and organs.
Soooo… Would you recommend one?
I’d prefer a 88-keys board.

Thank you a lot.

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Ah! You should have joined Zynth Club last night when we discussed both piano action and synth action keyboards. I have always found the Roland keyboards to have some of the best action in both of these fields. You almost can’t go wrong with a Roland keyboard. There was mention of a few others last night but I didn’t take note - I am sure that the brethren will step up with a multitude of suggestions.


Everything @riban said. To try drop some chaotic hints for further searching, my 2ct and personal experiences:
I play a Roland A-49 and D-10 as non-weighted keys. It is not easy to find a non-hammer/non-full-weighted 88 key tho (or am I not good at searching?).
I remember the Roland D-70 to have 76 keys, but you get a fullsize synth with that… don’t know if one can find that keyboard in another device.
For organs and synths I personally find it barely useful to have something larger than 61 keys anyway.
I can also recommend Novation Impulse as a (iirc) half-weighted key, but again nothing bigger than 61 keys tho.
And generally more or less anything Fatar/Studiologic.
Oh and we mentioned the new Casiotones as nice playable keyboards yesterday - dunno if they have midi out tho.

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My old Casio VZ-1 has a nice synth action but it is a bit light and loose now. It certainly out performs most spongy modern cheap keyboards.

Hi and thankyou for sharing your thoughts. I really do appriciate it.

Took a while however I decided for a 88key board. A B-stock Nektar Impact came across my way. I will report about it, as soon as Mr. Postman rings.


I suggest unwrapping it first to experience the full feel and response :wink:.


The Nektar are fairly priced and not half bad, it’s not a stellar action but It’s really good for the price

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As a related question, has anyone found a full weighted keyboard that is smaller than 88 keys? We have an 88 key Roland stage piano which is a PITA to carry to gigs. It weighs a tonne & it’s too long to lay flat on the backseat of my car. A controller with 61 or even 48 keys would be more practical, but I’ve never found one with less than 88.

The Roland RD-64 is a fairly good option then I suppose. I use it myself for exactly this purpose. It fits nicely into a Nord 73-key-backpack. You can find them second hand regularly.
There might be later Roland devices with a similar keyboard, but I don’t know them in detail.

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The Rd 64 looks like an Roland A88 but cut down. If it’s the same keybed it feels nice to my touch.
Isn’t there also a one octave semi weighted out there somewhere?

It is, in fact they share most of the user manual, afaik.

@Stupps, I recommend to look into nektartech impact series.

The link to their dedicated website

I own 61 key version and touch and feel is great. Also it is rather lightweight (physical weight) in comparison with other models.

M-Audio have released a third generation of their Keystation 88 which this review rates quite highly. It certainly seems to match the OP criteria and good value too. Also significantly cheaper and lighter than the Nektartech.

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