Keyboard Split Zones: Mapping sounds to note ranges


sorry if this has been asked before, didn’t find something about it yet.

Is this possible? Would be really practical especially for live use if I could load several sounds to different key ranges of my midi keyboard!


I don’t think that this is possible yet.
But @jofemodo wants to enhance the midi rules so that note on/off will be handled as well in the future.


ok, so this would be something done by the midi rules?
Because if I may suggest in case this becomes a future feature at some time, it would be most practical if it could be done from within zynthian. So that while rehearsing with a band these kinds of things could be achieved without having internet, router and computer at hand.


Rules are generally independent from webconf.
We could invent a midi learn feature for rules.
At least for some features like midi zones.
Maybe @jofemodo has a different idea though.


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Regarding the Key Split Zones, once the improved rules are working (see Working on the new Zynthian MIDI Router) you can easily define different sets of rules and save as different MIDI profiles. This profiles can be loaded from Zynthian UI (Admin Menu).

Moreover, we could include the MIDI profile in the snapshots for a better on-stage experience :wink:



Regarding the “MIDI-learn” feature for keyboard zones … it would be nice to have it. Step by step. Let’s solve the problem at core level, and then add the UX improvements :wink:


The problem is solved at core level:

Let’s walk towards a better UX by adding the learning interface :wink:


So my uses for this -

I have a nice hammer action midi keyboard that only outputs on midi 1 :frowning:

In the end I’d like an easy way to make a split and send left side to midi 3 and right side to midi 5 etc

While I’m playing I’d like to be able to easily modify the midi output as I go by selecting the split section and then turn the dial.

I think a midi learn might be too awkward as I was playing with my hardware sequencer going.

I mostly wouldn’t use this feature as a static mapping or profile.

For me I’d likely leave pianoteq on 1 and then be swapping around to different sounds I’m making on hardware synths on fixed midi channels while I play. I have a hardware sequencer that expects the various synths to be on their assigned channels longer term.