Keymap to directly select an existing layer

Is there any way to not have to “cycle” through layers via Layer button, but e.g. keymap some Modifier-key + 1-8 num keys to directly switch to a Layer?


+1! I have also wished for this feature.

I haven’t got around to checking if this is similar to an existing feature request, and am full on with work atm, but it might be worth you submitting a new feature request to ensure that the suggestion is given some attention.

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Good point, guys!

We could extend the current CUIA mechanism for implementing this, but as some of you probably knows, we are considering the implementation of a proper API in the near future. Anyway, you should open a ticket on our issue tracker, so we don’t forget this feature :wink:


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Hi @zynthianers!

I just extended the CUIA system with 2 new calls:

  • SCREEN_MAIN (it was missing!!!)

The second one allows to change the active layer and switch to control screen , but it’s not mapped to the keyboard yet. You can access it by:

  • OSC
  • MIDI

Check the updated documention:

Kind regards,