Kit availability

Hi Zynthians,
I was wondering when the kit without the RPI would be available again. I have an old v2 Zynthian and would love to upgrade to the lasted version with all the improvements.

Thank you

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The kit v4 without RBPi is available again in the zynthian shop. Version has bumped to 4.6 because of the new Zynaptik-3 module, that comes in 2 flavours:

  • Standard => with MIDI ports & 16 x GPIO (MCP23017) that now can be used for connecting the official v4 controllers (encoders with switches), or for adding custom switches to your zynthian.

  • Extended => adds 4 x analog inputs (ADS1115) & 4 x analog outputs (MCP4728) that can be used for CV/Gate, etc.

More about the new Zynaptik-3 module in this post:



Thank you for the update. I just placed my order.

Muchas gracias!

I keep missing these releases! @jofemodo do you have a rough estimate as to when they’ll next be available so I can watch more closely?

Any Ideas on the next availability. id love a great christmas present :wink:

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We hope to have a few kits for mid october.

Stay tuned!

The chicken is in the oven. These ZynADACs are being assembled just now:



Hi everybody!

Good news!! Zynthian Kit V4 is available for sale again!



:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:
:champagne: :champagne: :champagne: !!

Hi @jofemodo , any chance to get my hands on a ZynADAC ?
It’s labelled as “Sold Out” in the shop.

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OK! You can buy it now :wink:


Excellent @jofemodo .

I will order one soon (a couple of days). So keep one for me :wink:

If you have got some without any soldered header this will be even more excellent

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Sorry, pin-headers are soldered, but not RCA nor mini-jack connectors.


How are supplies doing? I had a hot job interview last week and have another hot one tomorrow so I’m pretty sure I’m going to absolutely require a celebratory Zynthian kit in the new few weeks, but definitely not right this second. Maybe later today, who knows lol

Nice video.

Is the pick-n-place machine setup in your house? :grin:

Yes, of course. We have P&P machines everywhere. Bathroom, kitchen and 2 in the dinner room :rofl:

No, seriously, it’s the facility of our local partner Eonica S.L (Barcelona)

Nice setup.

During my pre-EE graduate phase I did a Summer internship with Allied Aerospace where I wrote software for an IR reflow soldering system consuming the output from the P&P machines monitoring thermal heating and cooling curves and such so as not to stress parts. That was certainly interesting work and a valuable experience. That was back when they were the contractor for the aviation industry to supply the TCAS II system which was a cube of 14-layer boards and multiple 386 CPU’s. The good-ole days. :slight_smile:

Woaooo! Really big systems! Funny stuff. I’m a total beginner on all this. Learning every day!
I’ve a tiny reflow hoven in the lab (a chinese 200€ toy). It’s usable, but i it would need replacing the firmware with a free, better one, that some smart guys have published in github. It will be a funny task and i would have a decent temperature tracking inside. I also was working in a semi-automatic P&P (soldering a several tens of zynaptiks by hand was exhausting!!), but the project is now sleeping until the next hardware development cycle.
We (zynthian shop) used to solder in china before “chip crisis”, but now it’s really difficult so we are doing it here now. And luckily, we found a real good partner! :wink: