Kit availability

Hi Zynthians,
I was wondering when the kit without the RPI would be available again. I have an old v2 Zynthian and would love to upgrade to the lasted version with all the improvements.

Thank you

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The kit v4 without RBPi is available again in the zynthian shop. Version has bumped to 4.6 because of the new Zynaptik-3 module, that comes in 2 flavours:

  • Standard => with MIDI ports & 16 x GPIO (MCP23017) that now can be used for connecting the official v4 controllers (encoders with switches), or for adding custom switches to your zynthian.

  • Extended => adds 4 x analog inputs (ADS1115) & 4 x analog outputs (MCP4728) that can be used for CV/Gate, etc.

More about the new Zynaptik-3 module in this post:



Thank you for the update. I just placed my order.

Muchas gracias!

I keep missing these releases! @jofemodo do you have a rough estimate as to when they’ll next be available so I can watch more closely?