Kit, success with one small build issue


my kit arrived yesterday and I assembled it last night and etched the OS image and tried with my very large fingers to get the SD card into the dark hole and finally did that.

The OS booted first try, played some sounds with the MIDI controller, sound, everything seems fine.

However I have 8 little bolts left over to fasten the case together, and none of them thread, they are too small diameter, and fall out. So the case is loosely hanging together. Did I do something wrong? Has anyone else experienced this issue?


Have you used big bolts to fix the pie and AIO circuit to the bottom of the case ? small ones go there, big ones go to sides of the case.

Worked for me at least :slight_smile:


maybe, I am no longer in front of the box.


Hello @gminorcoles and @arkhhh,

I assembled the false bolts,too when I made my zynthian box.
Indeed, you have to use the large screws to fix the top and bottom together.
Take all smaller screws first assembling the all-in-one board and the RPi to the box so they cannot scratch whatever surface you put it on later.

Although there is a thread inside the plastic separators from the bigger screws, you should get it as fasten as it could. If you turn the smaller screws left at first, you notice a small difference when turning. This is the place when the bigger screw has threaded its way through the plastic and so should the smaller screw do.
Hope it helps…

Greetings and God bless, Marius


Hi @gminorcoles,

have you fixed the issue? If not can you take a picture to validate we had sent the right bolts?



You were right I just went and bought some more correct sized bolts, I just feel bad for the holes I forced the threads on with my sausage fingers.


No problem! We will send you the 4 separators you have forced. It’s OK? :wink:


that is very kind of you!