Kit V1 Zynthian logo distorted

Hi everyone … I installed a new image on my Zynthian V1 2020-03-21-zynthianos-buster-lite-1.0.0, I made the updates and the configuration and everything works regularly but at boot the Zynthian logo and all deformed as shown in the photo … how can I solve it?

The machine is trying for a considerably wider screen than it has installed.

Thanks, but shouldn’t the logo fit the screen size? I have a 2.8 inch standard in the V1 kit

There are various settings in the advanced display section in webconf that can produce this sort of effect. In the early stages of the zynth startup a fair few parameters have to be taken on trust.

To be fair things have moved on from the v1 kit so you might well have detected a characteristic that can be addressed.

IF you could report it as a bug in github using the New Issue button…

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