Kit v2 jst midi pinout

Hi everybody, Anyone can provide me the pinout of the midi connectors of my allinone module, because midi in wont work. Mcp23017 seem to be work and my i2s pcm5102 too ive check my solders 2 times :sweat_smile:

My custom kit is:
Allinone module board
rpi 3b
Waveshare 3.5 v2
Pcm5xxx i2s soundcard
Ans ive the Last update

Ive dont soldered jst connectors because my local supplyer cant have theses :expressionless:

I think ive fond the right pinout with this scheme,the led work when i move my midi controller but i cant see any activity in “tty midi in log”.
Midi in tty is set in the options
i notice, the midi output donk work too, and the midi output led is always on.
Anyone can help me ? :sweat_smile:

Hi , ive Tried to put the optocouplers like the installation guide(red cross),but it smell and the board was hot
Anybody can help me ?