KORG NanoKontrol

I read in
that there is a ZynMixer driver but I do not understand how I can activate this driver to use nanoKONTROL for mixer

It should be plug & play, but you could check if the driver is loaded from the admin->MIDI-IN menu.
If it’s not, you can load by bold clicking the device. Please note that the driver is for nanoKontrol2. The nanoKontrol1 is not supported by this driver.


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unfortunately mine is NanoKontrol 1

can I set all sliders,buttons to control mixer without driver?

Yes you can! All mixer controls can be mapped to MIDI CC control via the MIDI learn feature.

  • In mixer view, short press the third encoder from top on V5 or top right encoder on V4 to show the learn menu
  • Select “Enter MIDI-Learn”
  • Adjust a parameter with the touchscreen or encoders, e.g. first encoder for selected chain fader, second encoder for selected fader pan, etc.
  • Send a MIDI CC from the MIDI hardware controller
  • Repeat until complete (or you get bored - hence the preference for using a device driver)

MIDI learning settings for Mixer Learn is per single snapshot or can be extended as standard?

It is saved in the snapshot.

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any suggestion to make them global?

It’s certainly been talked about informally but has not had any detailed consideration yet.

Please raise a feature request ticket in the issue tracker.

done, thanks

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I defined CUIA for my NanoKontrol: setting buttons to generate notes on MIDI MASTER channel 16 so I can control my “naked” Zynthian.
But… my issue is about the “Select”; even if I defined the MIDI note A3 on a NanoKontrol button, when I press it nothing happens.
Back button, arrows work but “Select” NOT.

I defined another button-note to get “Select” but also this does not work.

It is a bug? Suggestion to fix it?

Where settings are stored?

I think this has come up many times… maybe we need to consider how to avoid the confusion? (It even confuses me when I try to explain…)

The “Select” action is not the same as pressing the “SELECT” encoder button or the “SEL/YES” button on the V5. To emulate this action you need to map to ZYNSWITCH 3.