KX Studio + Seq24, Seq64, SAMBA Network Shares on Std RPi Desktop

This all started with me trying to balance music books against the TV behind my setup. Being a somewhat skilled(?) engineer, I soon surmised this was not working and wouldn’t it be nice if by some magic my music was on the TV …

After iterating through a few more balancing acts (no iPads were harmed mostly) … the penny dropped. Perhaps a Raspberry Pi connected to the TV would work …


  • Network sharing to my windows computer to view my music books.
  • Extended Goal 1 - can USB MIDI just work out of the box???
  • Extended Goal 2 - what it does ?!?! get me a sequencer!!
  • Extended Goal 3 - World domination

I started to write some instructions here but ran into formatting problems … so I did a blog post.

tldr; I installed on a standard Raspberry Pi 4 desktop.

  • SAMBA windows network shares to RPi.
  • Connecting harware via USB MIDI just works out of the box on std RPi
  • Seq24 can work on std RPi
  • Seq64 can work after installing KX:Studio Repository of Linux Audio apps & plugins.

Wow. USB devices behaving badly. Updated the rig with a new BLUETOOTH keyboard and mouse and suddenly the annoying 50Hz hum is gone from my Raspberry Pi 4. I can only assume the LED backlighting in the cheap eBay keyboard was causing the hum. At least it saved me from tearing the RPi4 down and chasing new silent thermal solutions!