Last Saturday at rehearsal room

Hi Zynthianiacs,

a subgroup of our rock band met last saturday in the rehearsal room to make electronic music. We used two Zynthians v4 and a Waldorf Blofeld. The back tracks were controlled by an Arturia KeyStep Pro and a PolyEnd Tracker. We recorded with the Soundcraft UI24 mixer.

This is all far from professional, but was massively fun and will be repeated :slight_smile:

Have fun!


From your profile picture you are a guitarist… we want the guitar solo that covers the synthetic sounds of the Zynthian!!! :wink: :wink: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

How I love the cables scattered on the ground in the rehearsal rooms…they remind me of when I was young and we walked on the cables…how nostalgic… :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

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Zynthian is used by guitarist as an effects processor.

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Hmm, I think I’m more of a universal diletant: I play a few instruments, but none of them well. Our singer, the bassist and I (guitar and keyboard) besides rock music also like to make electronic music. Therefore, we misuse our rehearsal room for this and for this purpose there is no guitar for solos. But many cables for the temporary construction. :slight_smile:

Yes, possible, but you need a good preamp before Zynthian. To be honest: the saturation effects of my tube amp are sounding better than saturation emulations. But the distortions before the amp are a very good choice.

I understand… however the important thing is to play, play and play… The most beautiful gift we can give ourselves is Music… whatever it is and whatever the technical level. I’ve played for many years but I’ve never studied… now at 61 (almost… I’ll be 61 this Friday the 24th :crazy_face:), I’ve started studying harmony and a fantastic world is opening up. Long live Music and long live Zynthian… if I had had it in my hands 40 years ago… :roll_eyes:

Agreed! I use a Boss pedal to match impedance but it would be advantageous if Zynthian had switchable input impedance. I have a few effects units but would like to use Zynthian more in my guitar rig.

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I use a Behringer UMC202HD as a preamp (the Zynthian audio interface is a Hifiberry DAC+ ADC), it also works without a computer (you have to push the Direct monitor button). I’m experimenting with process guitar and vocal simultaneously.