Last weekend: Superbooth 2018 Berlin

Hi all,

last weekend was Superbooth 2018 Berlin. Wow - what a sound universe!!! For the next year it is possible that Zynthian can take part, but it is a really hard job and we would need more than 2 or 3 guys for a Zynthian stand (3 days from 10:00 to 23:00 and very much (really!) noise around).

MOD was also there… I made some pictures - mostly of old hardware. And yes: there was a small seperated area only for special guests from Yamaha where all the old stuff (DX1/DX5/DX7…) was located AND playable. After telling them that my DX7 is currently used, they let me in :smile:

Regards, Holger


Woaoooo! Nice event! Some people told me about the event and it will be really nice to be there the next year. I think that i could be there … :ok_hand: Let’s do it !!

So we are two… Lars can only participate on Saturday…

We have to convince Markus … :yum:

Not me…my wife…

There could be a wyleu…?

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Jajaja! Please @wyleu, you MUST be there :pray:

Where is it and What are the dates?

The date and place for the next Superbooth ist currently not released.

I think it will be again in May and perhaps again at FEZ Wuhlheide Berlin.

Regards, Holger