Latest Pianoteq with Oram

Hi @le51 :slightly_smiling_face:

I have an Rpi5+Nvme kit + external Presonus USB audio, waiting to be put to the test with Oram, and will let know to the @Zyntianers how it performs headless on this setup, as soon as I find a bit of time for music IT experimentation, in this busy period for me.

My first port of call will be, of course, to verify the correct Zynthian/Oram startup from an internal Solid State Drive with Rpi5.

More to follow: I will keep you updated!



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That‘s great work @jofemodo much simpler to optimise or Pianoteq settings. Could I ask to your pi5 test, what was your buffer size on Jack (please say 128bit), also assume 2 buffers and not 3.

I always use the default config from ZynthianOS: n=2, p=256, f=44100 (11,6 ms latency)

I will repeat with 128 and will report in this thread.


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Please also try 48000. I would like is to move to 48000 as standard. It has a few advantages including:

  • Some soundcards have native 48000 samplerate so work better
  • It allows us to enable jamulus integration
  • Slightly reduced latency
  • it is an industry standard so can help with interfacing and data exchange

44100 was a bodge done to allow CDs to be made from the different refresh rates used around the world but should be assigned to the dustbin of history.


Well, i’m almost convinced to increase the “default” sample rate in Oram to 48000.

Indeed, i was testing the Pi5 with 2 buffers of 128 samples, what reduces latency to 5 ms:

-r 48000 -p 128 -n 2

I tried to generate XRuns by running Pianoteq with “Grand Ant. Petrof” model, with 128 voices of polyphony at full sample rate (internal sample rate = jackd sample rate) and no CPU overload detection.

I couldn’t, although i pressed the sustain pedal while playing all notes in the keyboard in the more brutal way i could! The Pi5 is a total killer, mates!! :star_struck:



Thanks jofemodo for your testing, I really appreciate it. pi5 looks exactly the right spec for Pianoteq, I was worried it would just fall short :sweat_smile: I’ll put pi5 on my birthday present list

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Guys, I just installed Oram test version and for the love of God I cant find Pianoteq anywhere. Is it under the Instrument chain somewhere? Also I cant locate SFZ. In the WebUI I see them all under Software-Engines as Enabled.

Instruments are now separated into categories. You must use one of the encoders or left/right buttons to change to the Pianos category.

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Thanks a lot, I read it in manual few moments ago. Problem is that I dont have a kit, just the Pi and DAC+. I tried the touch, but it does not work reliably. I used keyboard and it works fine.

Yeah and after 33rd restart touch now works as well. Dah