Latest Pianoteq with Oram

Is it only me and my setup or do you have the impression, that the latest Pianoteq version (on Oram) sounds more muffled than used with previous versions?
Or is the volume just too low in comparison to other engines?


Maybe it sounds like that because of the lower sample rate of 32KHz.
Although I don’t know if this was the same with old versions, too.

32kHz is an unusual setting. The default Zynthian samplerate is 44100 and Pianoteq is configured to use half of that. I am lobbying to increase the default to 48000 but PT would still only run at 24000.


It would be great if you could make PT do that;
I’m petitioning!

Pianoteq does do this! It is configured to run at half the Zynthian samplerate because this makes it work. (Full rate causes xruns.) Individuals can change their own Zynthian samplerate in webconf HARDWARE->Audio, e.g.
I want the default rate to be 48000. This is the standard in most industries. It is only CD production that drove the music industry to adopt 44100 (or its multiples - which makes no real sense). One reason I want to use 48000 is because jamulus only works at that rate (due to constrains of the codec used) but it does also five a better sound to Pianoteq whilst not triggering xruns. (Pianoteq runs at 24000 fps giving a maximum frequency response of just under 12KHz.)


@riban The default config with sndhifiberry is 44100 kHz. Can I change it to 48000 kHz with no problems?
Screen Shot 2024-04-21 um 10.21.00

Yes! I run my Zynthians at 48000.

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I appreciate your fast reply and help!

But actually, this was not what I meant. I am aware of the kHz parameter.
But It’s more as if the reverb or any other fx settings are different to what I was used a year ago.
If all the other engines had the same, I would say, I am getting old :slight_smile:

I recall the last time I read a discussion of this, I think someone had actually configured theirs to run PT at full rate and it worked, but only if it was the only thing running? Not sure if I remember right.

I’m assuming that once Pi5 is fully adopted, going full sample rate should be no issue…

Nope! Even running a single PT only on Pi4 in Zynthian with xrun at full samplerate. If run without Zynthian it can run full rate so something Zynthian is doing is dragging down performance. Pi5 may resolve this.

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I remember that a Pianoteq’s engineer told me that running in aarch64 would give 10% up of performance, so perhaps this is enough to run without xruns in zynthian. Anyway, it will run very close to the limit. Using Pi5 certainly will solve the issue because it almost doubles CPU power.


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Hi @jofemodo !

Since I do currently have an RPI 5 running Bookworm 64 on NVME, I would rather like to try (as soon as I have some much needed spare time) to mount Zynthian-Oram headless on it, with - among other things - Pianoteq at full sample rate.

What command lines should I type in the terminal, or possibly modify in Webconf, in order to set this Pianoteq behaviour?

Thanks in advance,

All the best :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will implement a config flag to choose the Pianoteq internal rate.



Thanks @jofemodo! :star:

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It’s done (in Oram)! After updating you will find the flag in the webconf’s pianoteq tab.



Great addition to the new OS. Thank you @jofemodo :+1:

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Hi @zynthianers!

I added more options to webconf Pianoteq configuration:

  • Sample Rate limit => Full rate / Limited Rate
  • Voice Limit => 32, 48, 64, 96, 128
  • CPU Overload Detection => On / Off

BTW, I was testing Pianoteq in Pi5:

  • Full sample rate (44100)
  • 128 voices of polyphony
  • no CPU overload detection, so it runs free as a mad horse, without performance limits

My test:

  • Ant. Pretrof model, probably the heaviest one.
  • While keeping down the sustain pedal i pressed all keys in my 88 keys keyboard. Aggressively, trying to crash it!!!

The result:

No Xruns at all!!

These are very good news for pianoteq users :grin:



Gosh @jofemodo , this Is fantastic news, to say the least!

And It also means that under Oram with Pi5 we are going to be able to do lots of more things on the Zynthian, without worrying too much for CPU performance issues.

As it stands, Zynthian+Oram+Pi5 already gives us the first full-featured Pianoteq hardware host!

Thanks a lot :smiley:


@Aethermind , are you able To boot zynthian from the SDD ?