Let's move to Gitlab

Hi @developers!

After trying gitlab for a while i’m considering seriously migrating to gitlab. The import tool works really well, so we will conserve everything: issues, labels, pull requests, comments, boards, etc.

I’ve not finished my research yet and i would like to know your opinion before taking a decision…

BTW, from my import test, i saw almost everybody there. Somebody not having a gitlab account yet? :wink:


I tend to use gitlab for private projects because you can host non-public repositories for free. What is your reason for changing? I find git a PITA so have not bothered figuring out which provides better features.

My reasons:

  • I love the GUI :wink:
  • The WebIDE is amazing, and i feel totally comfortable with it. And of course, it’s fully integrated with git and gitlab itself!! Anyway, i’m learning yet …
  • Revision tool seems to be really good too! Of course, i need to test when things get more complex …
  • It’s gaining a lot of traction. A lot of people migrating there … Having a so really good importing tool is a big asset for the project, and makes me thing that they could change the balance.
  • I don’t like MicroSoft controlling github. I prefer to migrate relaxed, not being in a hurry if they change something important in their policy and we have to migrate.



Another plus I’d argue is that you can host Gitlab yourself if you want to.

In the negative column, Gitlabs management haven’t been the sharpest knives in the draw in recent weeks: