Libraries from famous vintage samplers

These years i´ve researched few iconic sample libraries from vintage samplers like Fairlight CMI, Kurzweil, Casio FZ, Ensoniq Mirage, Roland. All straight from disk, converted to Commodore Amiga suitable format (8bit).

It won´t be much difficult for me to have it in 16bit SF2, XI and WAV of course. Soon I will be upload them here intended to be used with our zynthian boxes.

Note: They’re older than 25 years, but some of these samples still can be copyrighted. You might not use these for commercial purposes, intended for studying, teaching, research and historic interest (FAIR USE).

Copyright Disclaimer (Fair Use Statement) (Dec. 11, 2016)
Fairlight CMI Library (SF2) (Dec. 11, 2016) -> CHORAL/ARR3 Used in Art of Noise’s "Moments in love"
EMAX II Library (SF2) (Dec. 12, 2016) -> SHAKUHACHI Used in Enigma’s "Sadeness"
AKAI MPC Volume I (Dec. 12, 2016)

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Thank you very much. Just the other day was sorting all the .sf2 I have archive here, for Fluidsynth use. So these Fairlight samples are very welcome.


Hi @TontimerWeber!

Thanks a lot! Really! I will try the libraries ASAP. Perhaps i open a new section in the blog for sharing sound libraries and presets ,-)



If TontimerWeber or anybody else who downloaded the vintage sample library is still around (it’s only been 6 years!)…
The link:
gets a not found-404 error from Google.
Does anyone have the file(s) or know where they are now?
Many thanks!