Light Pedal, an Optical Spring Reverb Pedal

I highly recommend watching the interview with their engineer (EDIT: improved link):

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They have a few different products using this odd technology, which may be a gimmick for the most part (I have not heard them)

Something else along these lines is the Korg Newtube,

an optimized version of Fluorescent Display technology that works like a vacuum tube in amplifier circuits. (Standard displays can be made to act as poor amplifiers)
Here’s a video showing the evaluation kit. (Another guy has a 73 min video showing the soldering of a board piece by piece)

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Sounds amazing. And while looking at my reverb tank, I remember there is a bag of IR LEDs and another one of IR photo transistors in the components box here. I can see an interesting DIY project in the pipeline… Using a laser might be interesting too. Should add more harmonics through the interference caused by the reflected coherent light.

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