Linux Sampler Performance

Hello Everyone, new guy here :smiley:

So, i would like to use zynthian to create a drum expander, that will receive a midi input from a trigger module and play back samples accordingly. Since i intend to use modern day multisamples to get a bit of realism out of an e-drumset, iโ€™m wondering if this machine is up to the task. I read somewhere that the polyphony is limited to 21, but how big a single instrument can be? Is the latency affected by polyphony?

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Hi @giovanni!

Nice to meet you! Welcome to the Zynthian community!

LinuxSampler polyphony is limited to 21, but FluidSynth polyphony is a lot bigger. In your case i would consider to use SF2 with FluidSynth instead of LinuxSampler.

Anyway, AFAIK, latency is not affected by polyphony :wink:

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thanks for the response and for the tip, a soundfont editor will certainly come handy. Still, i would like to know this: once the sistem is up and running, without any sample/soundfont loaded into memory, how much ram is still available for the user?

About 800 MB. If you use LInuxSampler, you are not limited by memory, because it can read directly from disk. Fluidsynth load the soundfont in memory, so you will be limited, but i think you hav enough room for percussion sounds!! :wink:


oh, thatโ€™s much more than i thought! excellent.

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