LinuxSampler LSCP port

Hi guys,

I am trying to connect to the Zynthian Linux Sampler using LSCP (Linux Sampler Control Protocol), but the TCP session is rejected by the Zynthian (“socket error : connection refused”)
Is the port number still 8888 for LS on the Zynthian ? Or was it changed ?



8888 is used by the MOD-UI interface if it’s running.

Yes, I know that. I am not using MOD-UI, but I am afraid MOD-UI keeps it (it has to be listening all the time on this port to know when a browser connects)

I will turn my question differently (and simpler) : what is the port LinuxSampler uses for LSCP on the Zynthian ?


Time to to learn a new tool on linux!

root@zynthian:~# ss -plunt | grep sample
tcp     LISTEN   0        1       *      users:(("linuxsampler",pid=680,fd=3))

ss shows traffic -plunt filters with pid,listening ports, udp traffic, numerical view, tcp traffic

looks like port 6688 might be the one you need, but check with ss -plunt


Excellent, thanks !!!

I will try it asap to check the port number (by the way, I realized because of this problem that LinuxSampler documentation is sometimes a pain to read…)

The only place I could find an almost official value for the port number is the help option of LS, in which it is written “-p xxxxx : defines TCP port number for LSCP, 8888 by default”

If the LS in Zynthian is using 6688, it’s probably defined at startup on the command line. I willm check that also, to make a double check




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Hi José,
I confirm : the LinuxSampler in Zynthian reacts to port 6688. I have made a quick test by sending LSCP commands to this port (rather than 8888) and the LS reacts as expected.