LinuxSampler not working? [solved]


On my Zynthian, LinuxSampler does not work. I can choose an instrument an get to the instrument control screen and there I can alter everything. But, I get no sound. Looks like some routing problem?

Any clues?


Have you updated the system? If you do so, you must undo the linuxsampler package update. Linuxsampler v2 is not supperted yet …

I have updated the system… But:

pi@zynthian /var/log/apt $ linuxsampler
LinuxSampler 1.0.0.svn20

Then you updated the zynthian software but not the system :wink: Can you run the zynthian software from command line and see if there is some error in the output?

$ sudo /etc/init.d/zynthian stop
$ sudo /etc/init.d/zynthian start

@jofemodo, Found it…

When I use the first slot in the channel list I see:

MIDI Chan Selected: 0
Getting Bank List for LinuxSampler
Bank Selected: SFZ/Bass (0)
Set MIDI CH 0, Bank MSB: 0

And unfortunately, my keyboard (and any other instument) does not use mide channel 0 ? :wink:

Then I try slot 2 and I get:

Set MIDI CH 1, Bank MSB: 0
Getting Instr List for LinuxSampler
PATH=LS#2 > SFZ/Bass
Short Switch 3
Bank Selected: SFZ/DSK - Organs (7)
Set MIDI CH 1, Bank MSB: 7

And I get sound!

Edit: looks like my LPK was set to channel 2…

The Zynthian engine internally enumerates midi channels starting from zero :wink:

Right, I got a little confused cause other engines do work with an instrument in slot 1 with midichannel on the LPK set to 2… When other slots are empty :wink:

I noticed that only when I fill the second slot of FluidSynth, I get another sound.

  • ZynAddSubFX has a predefined sound (pure sinoidal tone) in "empty"slots, so you get sound in every channel before loading anything into the slot.
  • LinuxSampler and FluidSynth works as you explained: You need to load something into the slot/channel you play. If not, you won’t get any sound.
  • setBfree has 3 predefined channels:
  • channel 1 => upper manual
  • channel 2 => lower manual
  • channel 3 => pedals
  • Carla => channels/slots doesn’t work at all from zynthian UI. You can configure MIDI filters and routers from Carla native GUI for every patch/preset.

Perhaps this is not well explained anywhere. I think the wiki says something about it:

But somebody should improve it :innocent:

Great explanation! Clears up al lot :slight_smile:

Been playing with the Zynthian throughout the evening. I got it hooked up to an single “3400 mAh” (quotes are because I got it from Aliexpress) 18650 cell for more than 4 hours now and still going strong :smile:, drawing between 400 and 500 mA.

Software is not completely stable yet, but I think you did really a great job! I Got some lockups when I switch from one engine to another (some, not always).

Can I play wav samples? Like the Samplerbox ? I use that one mainly for Mellotron samples, But when I can play them on a Zynthian, I will convert that machine to a Zynthian because it is still in bare state, without a control surface. It has got a Phat Dac, so it should work… :slight_smile:


maybe we can exchange Carla with MOD-UI? Functionaly Carla is the predecessor of MOD-UI.

Regards, Holger

Of course @C0d3man!! I would love to replace Carla with MOD-UI … jeje!! My last post is about the present, but in the near future it may change :wink:

@Keeze101, if you want to use wavs with Zynthian, perhaps you could give a try to the samplv1 plugin, from Carla engine. You should open the Carla native GUI to configure your samples, etc. There is some documentation in the wiki:

but it’s very incomplete. Pehaps you have some minutes and could improve it … :wink:

Another possibility is creating your own SFZ file with the wavs you want to use. SFZ is and XML file, so you can use any text editor to create it. You can play SFZ files with the LinuxSampler engine. You only have to add it to the zynthian-my-data dir :wink:

Okay, creating sfz files is pretty easy because my samples are organized the right way and I found a program that can create them automatic!

Hi @Keeze101! What program are you using to create the SFZs?

I use SFZ_ProgrammEditor

AH ah… The story of my life… I just bought what it needs to build/make a Zynthian… all, except the Raspberry which I already had, because I had started a samplerbox, filled with mellotron samples (and a choir of my own)… And I expect that Zynthian will do the job even better…

Mellotron is life…

Enjoy your day…


Pops up Merekat like ( probably only relevant to uk residents)

Yes… Mellotron… Himself…
But maybe you meant “Tara Busch” ??

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