LinuxSampler sfz/Sample Format

Hi there,

freshly got my V3 kit and had a blast putting it together and taking it for a spin (Pairs nicely with my DYI faderbox).

My Question - I’m trying to load in self-sampled instruments and sounds that I created originally to use with sforzando. The main problem is - I get no sound from my sfz files. Is there something LinuxSampler specifics that I missed?
I’m creating my sfz files with a selfmade tool intended to quickly map a sample folder into a playable instrument (which works well and has even been tested by Charlie Clouser a few months ago xD), it inserts comment, CC labels and all the goodness.

My Samples usually are 48/24, I tried to convert them down to 44.1/16 but apparently same result Any help appreciated.

A snippet of the generated sfz file I’m using:

Name: Moving Pads
Instrument: Synth

Recorded by: Matthias Fluor
Terms of Use: Just use it
Created: 2020-05-01


default_path=441/Pad I/
label_cc007=Main Volume
label_cc010=Main Pan


// A & R Settings
// Master Volume and Pan

// Group: 0

// Layer fade-in / "Group Mic Volume"

<region> sample=mov_pad_i_C1.wav key=24 lovel=0 hivel=127 seq_position=0amp_velcurve_127=1

linuxsampler can’t use all the opcodes that sforzando uses so it’s probabaly that.

We are working in a new engine for SFZ that should have a better SFZ-2 support:

Thanks for the pointer, didn’t think of that.

What I found out (so it’s essentially solved with a question remaining):

  1. LinuxSampler ignores the missing opcodes - meaning you can slap in ARIA-style sfz files. That wasn’t the problem in my case
  2. “C style” comments /* multiline comment */ result in no sound played (guessing that LS doesn’t see it as comment and “breaks” due to strange characters)
  3. seq_position without RRs doesn’t work (haven’t tested with RRs yet)

And the resulting implementation question for Zynthian-UI:
If I create additional control, such as a crossfade with xfin_locc/xfin_hicc, is there a way to have the CC displayed in the UI as encoder? So I would essentially have a page with “Additional controls” and there the 4 Hardware encoders could be used for 4 freely creatable sfz effect - be it a cutoff or as in my case a “mic mixer”.

@jofemodo: Thanks for that pointer as well. I heard about sfizz on the sfz development discord, but haven’t looked into it yet, since until now I did all my personal sampling for sforzando

The answer is yes, but you will have to create more hardcoded controls by editing the linuxsampler engine zynthian-ui/zyngine/ at testing · zynthian/zynthian-ui · GitHub

Awesome - Hackable enough for many cases (since I usually have the same CCs for the usual things).

It should be quite easy to solve … giving that we have the source code … :wink:

I will think about it. Perhaps we could add some kind of “engine configuration file”, like the yaml files used for the PD engine …

Please, open a “feature request” in our fantastic tracking system …