List of LEARNed CCs: MAP CH#1 CC#33:41 => CH#1 PC#0:8

Hi all! I am trying to reassign my original nanoKontrol buttons to send program changes…

Out of the box the nano scene 1 transmits
Global MIDI channel 1
Button CCs 23-41
Knob CCs 14-22
Slider CCs 2-6,8-9, 12-13

I am running Zynthian with latest updates
in multi mode on a
RPI4 /wave runner touch HDMI
The nanoKontrol is plugged into the blue USB of the Pi
The Kronos is plugged into the black USB of the Pi

MIDI 1 is LinuxSampler piano
MIDI 2 is MDA Ep
MIDI 3 is Fluidsynth pad
MIDI 4 is OBX-D J3P0 Leap

1: Is there a list of the LEARNed controllers?
It would be nice to paste these into other similar ZS3s

The controllers that did LEARN and do work are

1#2 to LS Volume (on Midi Channel 1)
1#3 to MDA ePiano (on Midi Channel 2 - yes it maps across MIDI channels)
1#14 to OBX cutoff (all on Midi Channel 4)
1#15 to Resonance
1#16 to EGI
1# 8,9,12,13, 19-22 to envelopes

2: Can I edit these to 2#2 and 4#all or do I have to re-learn?

The one that did not work:


MAP CH#1 CC#33:41 => CH#4 PC#0:8
does not convert CC to PC at all
MAP CH#1 CC#14 => CH#4 CC#14
apparently is not needed

3: Guess I have to buy an Akai LPD8 to send program changes…

4: What did I do wrong. Thank you!

Sam in NJ USA