Live from my rehearsal room

Zynthian works.


Uuuh, look! Wires on floor… This proves you are human :grin:

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Hi @C0d3man!

Why not using a “14” font size with the kit v2? :wink:

Note: Obviously, we want some audio from the concert … jeje! :wink:

The best!

Cause my eyes are better than yours? :smile:

The current place on the floor is not the best and I will move it to a better place. Also the very cheap MIDI-keyboard is only scrap. I am waiting for the v3 kit and will integrate it with a better keyboard into one case.

Maybe later. Current problem: No recording equipment for live recording available. And the mic from the smartphone is overloaded by noise :joy:

Regards, Holger

The Zynthian could record itself …

Hows that for a brave test …? :smiley:

We’re making a foot pedal ain’t we …? :smiley:

Be even nicer if the screen were at a nice level with encoders . . .
so we talk about 12c interface issues . . .
Should we avoid any 12c external wiring and do it all over a USB when you consider the environment it’s in ? . . . .
Do we really want to get into the world of defining a physical interface . . . ?

Lot’s of fun questions…? :smiley:

… but only piano is only half the fun of our noise :smile:

With the new hifiberry I could connect mics but I think they would also have trouble with overloads…

Regards, Holger

The great audio in debate… :smiley:

From the zynth point of view a set length audio record even with the silences of just the piano, would be a major achievement as a proof of the device. . .

Setup changed a little bit:

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And do we get to hear the Zynhian keyboard part… ? I can make out a lot of Geman lyrics ( and we have rules about that … :slight_smile: ) and some some chords that look suspiciously power based . . . .

Apologies and all that but it’s what I do round here . . . :innocent:

Perhaps later when my new Ui24 is installed.

Uhh, ahhh, I am mainly playing guitar in this band (yes, I really like power chords and tube distortion). The strat and the blue shiny amp is mine. The song is a cover song from Udo Lindenberg (and lyrics are defined as art, so no bashing allowed :slight_smile:) where I can play some piano parts on my Zynthian instead of guitar.

Regards, Holger