Live tutoring or seminar?

Hi everybody! I’ve enjoyed playing with the Zynthian for the last few months but there are some basic things I still don’t understand despite a lot of reading. The community is very good about responding to questions, however it can take days to solve through the forum what would take minutes in a live setting.

Is anyone available for video tutoring? I’d be happy to record the session and share it with the community.

Perhaps it would be even more beneficial to have a live seminar to answer the questions of several users. And if recorded, it would be a useful video for new and would-be Zynthian users to see.

What do you folks have to say about this? Thanks!


The zynth club meets more or less formally on a Monday evening, at 8:00 UK local time, drop in and share. It’s managed more ludicrous activities but we ain’t too bad at exchanging demos. I suggest you contact @riban for the link if that interests you.
There is also vague rumour of Thursday grouping as well, but since I have social commitments on that day, I wish such a venture nothing but scorn and ridicule.

The best way to make such a thing happen is generate a time and go from there. We are, after all, in the performance and presentation game!

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Thanks so much for the reply! I’ll inquire with riban. I’d love to join a meeting.