Loading snapshots issue


I’v got several controlers and keyboards connected to my Zynthian (for each one is set another channel/layer) and sometimes (not always!) I’ve got strange issue when I’m loading snapshots:
The volume levels of layers are confused. Some layers are to loud.
This happens always when I’m loading snapshots one after another but somethimes even after turning on or rebooting Zynthian the first loaded snaphot is confused.
But when I do “restart UI” from admin menu and then load snapshot everything is ok. Please help ?? :expressionless:


Could you attach some of your snapshots? I would like to test with them …



Yep I’ve seen this one.


I’m attaching two of my snapshots.
The issue is happening especialy for this two.
But I wonder if this is only my issue. Maybe it is hardware problem with my controllers?
But please it is not a big deal so if you shall waste you precious time for testing my snapshots I will be embarrassed a little :wink:

005-Ludowy.zss (14.4 KB)

001-Rano.zss (15.1 KB)


Don’t worry. @jofemodo changed something recently and he needs to know if there is a bug or just a glitch which happened due to the update.


OK! I think i understand your problem :wink:
In your snapshots, you are layering several layers in the same MIDI channel, so this layers are MIDI-bound. Whe you change a controller value for a layer, you are changing the values in the other layers assigned to the same MIDI channel. This was a problem in the past, but we have a new method for doing this kind of “layering” while maintaining control independence for every layer:

  1. You have to assign every layer to a separate MIDI channel.
  2. Then, use the “Clone” function for binding the layers at a “note” level, but maintaining control independence.
  3. Send me feedback, so i can know if this solution solves your problems :wink:
  4. Send some of your compositions when finished :hugs:



Thank you @jofemodo. This solution is obvious for the multiple layers on one midi channel. But my problem occurres on single layers. I’m trying to test various hardware configurations but it still a mystery for me :expressionless:. But I have found that it could be a powering issue. Sometimes when I turn my Zynthian on it hangs and start with an error. After switching off and on it usually start normally but then the snapshots volumes are confused. I have change powering cable and for now the problem is very rare. I will watch this carefully. Thanks