Log file and level


Where can I find log messages? How can I set the log level?


In order to reduce the risk of SD corruption, Zynthian image has the file-system log disable by default. Also, by default, the UI runs with a low logging level (warning level).

The recommended way of viewing the log messages is well documented in our wiki:



systemctl stop zynthian

Also, i highly recommend you take a look to this script :wink:

Of course, you can enable the file-system log by creating the folder “/var/log/journal” like this:

mkdir /var/log/journal

But be careful: by using this you could easily end with a unusable SD and have to re-burn.

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Ah, ok, I missed the Wiki page. I guess I’ll try to route the logging to a RAM based destination, that’s how the armbian people keep the SD card from burning out.