Long title scrolling

I’ve noticed that in certain cases the UI can be ambiguous because of long file names.

For instance, using LinuxSampler to select SFZ’s. If SFZ/Other is chosen, there are a list of titles that look identical “sonatina/Sonatina Symphonic Orc”. The unique part of each SFZ name is off-screen on a Zynthian V3.

It would seem that automatically scrolling long titles like this would be a nice feature. This is already implemented in the actual instrument UI but not in the selection screen.

Also, is there a setting to change the scroll rate?


The forum is not the right place. open a GitHub issue

Still being a relative Zynthian noob, I just want to make sure I haven’t missed something before clogging Github with useless issues.

Issue created.

Thanks. And sorry, didn’t mean to sound rude.

You didn’t. I just don’t want to be the new guy who creates stupid Github issues because he doesn’t know Zynthian well enough.

Issue 546: Zynthian should have a Back button. :grinning:

Don’t worry that job is already taken . . .

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Just rename those with short names in the webconf. Done.

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but that doesnt seem to be possible.
you can only rename the ending, for example “Strings - 1st Violins Sustain”.
The entire “sonatina/Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra/” doesnt appear in the edit window

What I did I renamed like this:
SSO/SSO/Whatever is here.
So, first part is short, and the last part you rename as of your taste


okay, but how do you manage to rename the first part?
on my computer webconf looks like this, you can only rename the last part which is short anyway