Long title scrolling

I’ve noticed that in certain cases the UI can be ambiguous because of long file names.

For instance, using LinuxSampler to select SFZ’s. If SFZ/Other is chosen, there are a list of titles that look identical “sonatina/Sonatina Symphonic Orc”. The unique part of each SFZ name is off-screen on a Zynthian V3.

It would seem that automatically scrolling long titles like this would be a nice feature. This is already implemented in the actual instrument UI but not in the selection screen.

Also, is there a setting to change the scroll rate?

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The forum is not the right place. open a GitHub issue

Still being a relative Zynthian noob, I just want to make sure I haven’t missed something before clogging Github with useless issues.

Issue created.

Thanks. And sorry, didn’t mean to sound rude.

You didn’t. I just don’t want to be the new guy who creates stupid Github issues because he doesn’t know Zynthian well enough.

Issue 546: Zynthian should have a Back button. :grinning:

Don’t worry that job is already taken . . .

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Just rename those with short names in the webconf. Done.

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