Looping with multiple chains?

Hi Zynthians,

I’m looking for a way to use the Zynthian as looper for different instruments like midi drums, midi bass, mic shaker, mic voice. Currently I found two ways which both seem to be quite limited:
-Sooper Looper: SL features great option, e.g. multiply. But since it is part of a chain, I can only use it for this specific instrument/voice (midi or mic). Switching from MIDI drums to voice does not seem to be possible.
-Patterns: Here I can easily switch between different instruments/voice. But recording patterns “on the fly” for looping is quite tricky, e.g. beats in a pattern must be manually adjusted before recording the pattern.

So is there a chance to use the Zynthian as looper for different instruments/voice in a convenient way like BOSS RC 505? (Maybe I just have overseen anything…)

Wish you all a nice day and thanks for your hints/tips in advance,
Doc MC

Hi @DocMC!

I have been considering this exact thing this weekend.

First, v what can be done now…

Sooperlooper can be inserted into the main mixbus chain so act as a global looper. This allows any / all chains to be looped. They are all mixed so requires some discipline during recording but this may offer the workflow you require.

MIDI sequencer patterns can be recorded live in loop mode. Only one pattern can be recording at a time with the pattern editor showing. But other sequence can be playing. The workflow of entering pattern editor may be irksome.

Now to the future…

It may be advantageous to have a looping MIDI recorder that can be controlled directly from the pad view. I haven’t yet thought of a UI that would work.

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Hi @riban ,

thanks for the tipp with sooperlooper in the main mixbus! Never thought of this, but this could already bring me much further :-).

Yes, I’ve already built up some live performances (… without audience :wink: …), by looping the patterns. But as I quickly explained, it’s getting very quickly quite cumbersome: If I have a pattern with 4 beats (e.g. drums) and want to record an 8 beat bass pattern, I first have to go to the menu of the bass, increase the number of beats, get back again to the pattern, record it… which is very stressful in a real live situation. For this case, the multiply function of sooperlooper is very helpful, since it repeats the 4 beat pattern while the longer (e.g. 8 beat) bass pattern is automatically extended and adapted.

Best regards,
Doc MC

Regarding the UI, a good reference would be the BOSS RC 505. The lower section just offers 4 knobs for each channel: play/record, stop/clear, track, and FX. With just the first two buttons (play/record, stop/clear), a fantastic workflow for live performances is given!

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