Loud static noise

I just finished building my v3

All I get from the output is a loud static noise.

Any ideas about what is wrong?

Thanks synthians

Hi @Humi and welcome to the wonderful world of Zynthian!

Mostly humming occurs when you operate your instrument on a different circuit than your amplifier. Can you check this?

Regards, Holger

It’s plugged into the same socket.

I also tried plugging it into an interface with headphones, same loud noise.

It’s more like loud static noise than hum.

Hi @Humi!
Nice to meet you …

1.) Are you using a good power supply? You need a decent one of at less 2A.

2.) Have you tried the RCA output, unplugging ALL the “dupont” connectors from the hifiberry?

3.) Send some detailed photos of your build


Nice to meet you too!

I’ll try it tonight and post an update


It’s alive!

Total rookie mistake. Switched up the input and the output.

It. Is. Awesome.


Bravo @Humi!! Congratulations!! Enjoy your Zynthian and send feedback, my friend!!
Ahhh! And update from time to time. We improve It and develop new features allí the time !!