Love my new Zynthian!

Thank’s a lot, Zynthian Team, for the quick shipping !

The packaging has been made with care, i trully appreciated :slight_smile: .

I built the V5 in one hour, burned the os on a sd card, and… Let’s go !! Everything’s fine and work smooth!

I haven’t tested it in depth yet, but I can see his potential ! And it seems huge ! As a Ableton Live user, I can compare it as a lite daw in box!

On the first approach, I can say that the UX/UI can be improved, but for an open source project, it’s already, really, great.

Good job to the whole Zynthianers that have worked on this beautifull project.

As a designer and developer, I’m impatient to work on it on my free time!


Now all that remains is this …

Oh yes I will!

Let me the time to enjoy and sketch a sample that trully reflect the power of this beast! :smiling_imp:

Best reg.