Lowest Display Resolution? Wide 256x64 OLED Displays


Just wondering, apart from no touch, and teaching myself how to wire it, would the Zynthian GUI run on a small wide display like that? Or would it need to be more 3:4 ratio without a complete GUI redesign? I think it would be amazing if it were usable on such a small wide-ratio monochrome screen like some old sequencers.

Has anyone tried to go super small before? Maybe pointless because of the size of the internals. I think I’d just like the look of it.


It’s pretty well designed and will ru n in pretty much any xwindow you can get up on a device… Aspect ratio takes care of itself based on resolution in the webconf but you do get ellipsoid controls!


Oh! That is amazing, thank you! Now if I can just find a cheapy OLED of that size to give me more challenges… :slight_smile:


Your choiice of font(which is configurable) will be interesting.


Hi @rockwater!

I never tried a display of this size with zynthian. It’s really small, but if you can run an XServer on it, zynthian UI should work without problem :wink:

Good luck … and send some feedback & photos if you get it working!