LV2 Plugins & Midi record


First, thanks a lot for all that is done here, I’ve finally succeeded at building my own synth from crap, at most of it works now !

So now, after having spent a bit of time exploring the possibilities, I’ve spotted few things that don’t work and I can’t get much information about

First, I cannot install LV2 plugins, I can check boxes but no button to apply changes. Am I missing something here ?
Still with the plugins, when I click on “Audio effect (800)” or “Audio Generator”, nothing happens

Another thing is the Midi recorder, as soon as I try entering the menu, it takes ages to respond, and then any action does the same, could that be related to my setup ?

I have a Pi4b 1Gb, waveshare 3.5b screen and a random USB audio card

Ok, just figured out that the problem about the plugins is related to the web interface, it works well with chrome