M8 Headless tracker

Hi all,
There is a nice little project based off the Dirtywave M8 tracker which allows you to run the firmware on a Teensy 4.1. This is an official headless version of the M8 provided by Dirtywave. There are various ways to access the UI of this from a host - one is M8C from laamaa’s github. This will run on a raspberry pi, and then the pi displays the tracker screen and the M8 Teensy will act as a usb audio source. I’ve got this running on a Pi 3.
So you can guess my question - any idea if this could be integrated into zynthian? it would (for the price of a teensy board) provide a fully functional tracker. Not sure if the Zynthian’s knobs/buttons could be repurposed to control the M8 or if an external controller would be needed.
I took a half hearted attempt to install the M8C software on my zynthian, and it installed but when i tried to get it to connect to the M8 Teensy it found the M8 device but gave an error ‘Inappropriate ioctrl for device’. At this point i gave up as i guess any messing around with the io libraries on the Zynthian pi would most likely screw everything up.
I’ll go back to running the M8 from another Pi for now.


I had the same idea as you and got stuck at the same place.
The only thing I can add is that on a normal raspberry os, I got the same error (Inappropriate ioctrl for device) on Buster (Debian 10) but not on Bullseye (Debian 11) and zynthian is running buster. So I’m count when zynthian gets bumped to v11 we can move forward with the idea.
I’m also pointing to kernel or base libs for the error.

What audio conf are you running on the normal pi? I have some drop outs and not using the M8c on the raspberry.


Aha, thanks that makes sense.
I have it running ok on a freshly installed raspbian image and following the basic instructions for installing M8C.
Audio wise I am using jack2 to route the M8 audio out of an old USB Behringer UCA202 interface i had lying around and some old usb midi interface (not properly tested external gear with it yet)
Using a generic usb gamepad as controller and an 8inch lcd as screen.
It’s generally ok, only occasionally glitches a bit.
Makes a neat little unit and a lot of fun with the internal synths plus a bunch of drum samples.