Machina Bristronica

Heya everyone, I was just wondering if anyone in the UK is attending this even coming up on Saturday:

I’m likely going to drive down for a lookaround :smiley:

Where is it and where are you driving from?

It’s in Bristol, I’ll be driving me and a friend from Oxford.

Looks like there’s 3 warehouses, one with trade stalls, one with live music from 12:00-00:00, and another with lectures and talks.

£19:99 admission, not sure if the talks are a separate cost or not.

We’ll probably sort some kind of accommodation (airbnb or something, my friend is sorting that side out) for the evening and wonder around Bristol on Sunday, as it’s a nice city to explore.

OK Probably too disruptive for me to get things organised in time, bring back pictures and recordings and wear the zynthian T-shirts …


Oooh, I wish I had one - I have a keyring I can flash around heh!

Joking apart, it’s a worthwhile idea. . .

We made some shirts for our MakerFaires… but AFAIK only Lars, Fernando and I am having those shirts currently…

Regards, Holger

Don’t forget Aran & Anuk :wink:

I always particularly disliked the way this lot did T-shirts, which is why I have so many of them. . .

So, Bristronica was fun!

I missed all the talks and lectures, I was more interested in getting my hands on some gear that I’ve never tried in any case.

Highlights and what I liked - The Korg Monologue, lovely little keyboard with a really nice low end, and loads of patches made by Richard D. James - right up my back alley, so to speak. So I might have purchased me one of these.

I also liked the Bastl instruments Thyme, though sadly their table was pretty bare, they didn’t have a MicroGranny (which I dearly wanted to try out), just the Thyme, a noisemaker and an Eurorack setup (I’ve not yet mustered the courage to buy/play with those noodly looking boxes).

Moog had a lovely setup, but the table was too busy to get a go on anything - but I played with a Grandmother in a Bristol music shop on Sunday - now that’s a temptation for another day…

I really liked the SixyFour Pixels table, he’s a really nice guy and hads some very nice “hands on” tech, and a little prototype sequencer that looked lovely (I realise now that I didn’t take nearly enough photographs).

One other thing I was spurred to purchase (though this was just a random piece of kit someone was using on their table, I think), is the “K-Mix” mixer. It’s very odd looking in a way - it’s a touch controlled mixer, which can also be used as an audio device through USB, a midi controlled mixer and a midi control surface as well.

I’m expecting that the end of this week/start of next week.

I’ll post what pics/vids I have later today…

e: oh, I also bought myself a Squarp Pyramid. Nothing really to do with Bristronica, just something I realised that I wanted/needed the features of, and well, went ahead and bought it… It’s fluffing amazing is what it is!


You have expensive taste my friend! Some gorgeous looking kit, way outside my spending limit! (I thought the Bristonica ticket price was too high :slight_smile: .) Thanks for the feedback - always good to hear about the latest kit.

Tish . . . . :smiley:

Fair cop guv.

I should have caveat-ed that with “if I don’t get distracted”…

The Kmix - I have one of these on the way, the idea of a midi controlled surround sound mixer is too much to pass up:

Roland Se02 - Really wish I’d asked to play with that, it looked so dinky and cute:

Boomstar - just took a pic at the end of the day, hadn’t noticed it before so thought I’d take a quick pic:

Street art, Banksy and some awesomely bad taxidermy!

Bonus videos of (I think) Defekt and London Modular Alliance, and a bleeptybloop amen based thing of my own:


Looks fun! how big was the venue and how many people were there…?