Mapping MIDI Program Change to CC


Hi all,
I have this simple MIDI foot switch with 4 knobs, which sends MIDI Program Change messages (1 - 4). What I need is to map the Program Change messages to some CC messages eg. (CC#80-83) to be able to use the foot switch as a controller for some effects in mod-ui. Is it possible with present MIDI mapper in Zynthian?

When I try to define such rule, it fails with “Invalid argument format (PG#1)”: PG#1 => CC#80


Try PC. You might be in the middle of a change.


The recent changes that support specifying program changes numbers like “PC#3” are in the development branches, not in master yet.
You can try setting up the development branches in your Zynthian or wait until i come back from my holidays :wink:



Check this:


Great, thanks. I’ll try the development branch. Meanwhile I checked PureData and I guess it would be possible too, but I’m not sure how to route the pd midi output back to zynthian? To be able to use midi learn of zynthian ui…